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Handmade Home Decor & Jewelry by Yana

Hey! It's me - Yana! :)
As far back as I can remember, I have always loved the creativity and dreamed of creating beautiful things with my own hands. I had no luck in the drawing, in cooking and similar things too. So I gave up on these tries and became a gym business owner and then a digital marketer. I enjoy my career, but the desire to make something beautiful with my hands was always on my mind...

I discovered clay art at the end of 2020 and cement later in 2022. Still can't believe how I didn't know about it before! I became involved in the process very quickly. Now I combine my three passions: handmade nice home decor and jewelry, create content with all things I make and post it, and run my own hobby!

I make my crafts with love and charge them with passion because I believe that everybody needs to be passionate about something!

I hope you feel beautiful wearing my jewelry and enjoy using my home décor crafts!
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What type of clay are your earrings made of?
Earrings are made from Sculpey Premo polymer clay. Each pair of earrings is one-of-a-kind. This type of clay is versatile and easy to work with. Once it has been made/molded to the desired shape, it is oven-baked. Due to all of my clay products being handmade, there may be slight imperfections, like tiny air bubbles. However, I will never list/sell any products that I wouldn't wear or are too imperfect.
How do I care for/clean my earrings?
Treat your polymer clay earrings with gentle care. On occasion, these earrings could break if dropped or bent. This may happen to the earrings that are on the heavier side.
To clean, gently rub with a soft, wet piece of cloth or wipe. Clean with caution if earrings have acrylic paint or decorative flakes. Highly recommend not wearing during showering/bathing and/or swimming etc.
Tell me more about shipping.
The processing time might take 1-3 business days.
Delivery time can be uo to 30 days.

For the International Shipping rates please contact me directly at

Please be sure to enter your correct shipping address and other information. If necessary I will contact you if there is a problem with verifying the address, otherwise, the address you entered when purchasing is the address that will be used for the shipping label
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